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Christina  Lugo-Centeno

Christina Lugo-Centeno

Masters Student Earth Sciences

308A Heroy GL

Masters Student Earth Sciences
Advisor: Scott Samson

Research Interests



Lugo-Centeno, C.M., and Cavosie A.J.,2014, First report of shocked zircon at the Santa Fe Impact Structure (USA): Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Abstract #1839


Cavosie, A.J. and Lugo-Centeno, C.M., 2014, Shocked apatite from the Santa Fe Impact Structure(USA): A new accessory mineral for studies of shock metamorphism: Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Abstract #1691.


Lugo-Centeno, C.M., Duvall, A., and Flowers, R.M., 2012, A search for zircon and apatite in rocks of the Marlborough Fault System, South Island, New Zealand: Geological Society of America in Abstract with Programs, vol. 44, No.7, p.240.