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Chilisa  Shorten

Chilisa Shorten

PhD Student Earth Sciences

209 Heroy GL

Chilisa's CV

PhD Student Earth Sciences
Advisor: Paul Fitzgerald

Research Interests

My PhD research relates to the thermal history of the Northern Appalachian Badin basin, through applying low-temperature thermochronology in order to constrain the thermal history, exhumation history, landscape evolution and location of hydrocarbon generation zones within the basin. The partial annealing zone for apatite fission track thermochronology significantly overlaps the hydrocarbon generation window, thus the hydrocarbon generation window can be traced through time using inverse thermal models. Initial sampling was undertaken in the fall of 2013, with Jeff Spradlin. I have also started studying the formation of foreland basins, especially the Appalachian Basin, and the use of low-temperature thermochronology.

During the fall and the spring, I was a teaching assistant for Oceanography and this summer for Dynamic Earth. I am fortunate to have receive support for my research from The GSA Graduate Student Research Grant, AAPG’s Sherman A. Wengerd Memorial Grant, and Syracuse University’s Department of Earth Science K.D. Nelson Research Award. This summer we are collecting outcrop samples across the basin perpendicular to strike, along transects close to the NY-PA border. The sampling strategy is systematic and linked to basin-wide cross-sections. We are targeting immature sandstones. We have developed relationships with New York and Pennsylvania state geological surveys, the USGS and Chevron who are helping with stratigraphic information and samples, including those from wells.

Picture of outcrop

Picture shows an outcrop of the Catskill Formation from the Upper Devonian.  This is an example of a typical location for collecting immature apatite-bearing sandstone samples for analysis.

Picture of outcrop

Collecting sandstone sample from an outcrop of Upper Walton Formation from the Upper Devonian

Picture of outcrop

Collecting GPS location data


EAR 117 Oceanography, 4 recitations, Fall 2013, Spring 2014, & Fall 2014
EAR 110 Dynamic Earth, 1 lab, Summer 2014